Agri-Tech: A Kenya-France Tête-à-tête – Special Series

This episode is brought to you in partnership with Campus France Kenya and AFRAKEN (Association of France Alumni in Kenya). For more details about studying in France, please visit, or Campus France Kenya on Facebook and Instagram. For more details on AFRAKEN, please visit

France , Europe’s agriculture power house and home to the cereal-producing region of the Paris Basin, the wine sanctuaries of Bordeaux, and the cattle ranches of Basse-Normandie is leading the charge in  the digital transformation of the agricultural space. In this episode we speak with Vincent Abt PhD – Agricultural and Food Counsellor for East Africa and the Indian Ocean, at the French Embassy in Kenya and Dr. Sarah Murabula, a Kenyan Climate Adaptation expert, to explore how France is partnering with Kenya and other African countries to drive innovation in this sector.

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